X-Acto 12" Square Laser Guillotine Trimmer, Wood Base

&quot;Trimmer features an industrial-grade laser that shows exactly where to line up the blade for a precise cut every time. Laser on/off LED indicator comes on automatically when the 12&quot;&quot; blade is lifted and shuts off automatically. X-Acto hardened steel blade cuts up to 12 letter-size sheets at once. This guillotine-style paper cutter allows artists and designers to move quickly through a variety of materials while maintaining precision and accuracy. Self-healing cutting mat has an easy-to-read grid. Trimmer offers a soft-grip handle, sturdy wood base and auto-off battery-saver feature.&quot; <p><strong>Elmer's X-ACTO 12&quot; Blade Wood Base Laser Trimmer, Black </strong></p>