Powerhouse XM-580 9-Ton Log Splitter

Powerhouse’s XM-580 packs a powerful punch with 9 tons of pressure allowing for quick work to split a seasoned 12" diameter log up to 21" long. The XM-580 utilizes a powerful 120-volt electric motor with a patented hydraulic ram system that increases torque by 45% over previous models. The design of the XM-580 allows for a more compact footprint for storage as well as the ability to work indoors in cold weather without worrying about dangerous fuel odors. Included are a hand ram control and a foot operated ram control which eliminates the need to bend over for each log making the XM-580 more convenient to use than other log splitters. The wide pneumatic wheels allow easy transportation over rough surfaces compared to others which use hard plastic wheels. The XM-580 is constructed of industrial steel and powder coated for durability and long life.

Product Details:
  • Net Weight: 118lbs
  • Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 16 Inches