OtterBox Venture 45-cooler Bundle


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Unrule the Outdoors with OtterBox

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  • Rugged Venture Coolers

    From day-trip hikes, weekend treks, to week-long+ disappearances into the woods, Venture has the right sized cooler for your every adventure.

    Venture’s modular system configures for the demands of all your endeavors. With an ever-growing collection of accessories, you design the inside and outside of Venture with all the right tools and conveniences.

    The durable 45-quart OtterBox cooler is built to keep your tribe full, hydrated and happy on weekend outings. Keeps ice up to 14 days.

About the Costco Bundle

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More about OtterBox Venture Coolers

  • Bottle Opener

    Mount the OtterBox Bottle Opener to your Venture Cooler (included with all models). You’ll always know where to crack open a cold beverage. Made with 100% stainless steel, ensuring a long life opening all your bottled drinks.
  • Separator & Dry Storage Tray

    Separate snacks from the day's catch in your Venture, and the dry storage tray keeps dry stuff separate from wet stuff in your cooler. The OtterBox Separator & Dry Storage tray creates compartments in your Venture Cooler that divvies up the space however you configure it.
  • Venture Side Table

    Attach this handy OtterBox Side Table to your Venture cooler and extend your working surface in a snap. And just by doing so you’ll also be adding three cup holders, found underneath the included Cutting Board.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Covers defects in manufacturing, material and/or workmanship under normal use and service for the lifetime of the product.
  • American Made

    Designed in Fort Collins. Made in Detroit. With that kind of build pedigree, you know this is one tough cooler.
  • Very Bear Resistant

    Sorry, Yogi. Venture coolers are certified bear-resistant by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) (when secured with the Locking Kit).

Ultra Bear-Resistant Venture Coolers

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