Cadet 6" Porkhide Twists for Dogs, 40-count, 2-pack

Cadet Gourmet Porkhide Twists are high-quality, natural chews, making them wholesome rewards to give your best friend. Created with your dog's wellness in mind, these single-ingredient dog chew treats are made with 100% real pork hide. Cadet's long lasting dog chews will keep your dog occupied, helping to prevent destructive chewing. Plus, they naturally promote healthy teeth and gums by preventing plaque and tartar buildup through mechanical action as dogs chew. Treat your pup to these delicious pork treats for dogs for hours of enjoyment!

    • Single-ingredient, natural dog chews made from 100% real pork hide
    • 2/40-Count Bags
    • Long lasting dog treats discourage destructive chewing
    • Natural dog chews contain no artificial colors, fillers, or flavors
    • Support dog dental health by reducing plaque and tartar as dogs chew
    • Oven-roasted to bring out delicious pork flavor
    • Product of Thailand or Vietnam