Bio Star 600 Composter & Tool Kit

Developed in Europe, the BIO 600 composter features sophisticated aeration to assist in the organic decomposition process. Air holes on all four sides as well as inner integrated ‘ribs’ create channels of air at all times. Fresh oxygen is a critical factor in the breakdown of plant matter, as it increases aerobic microbes and greatly decreases the anaerobic bacteria that can give off odors. Aerobic microbial bacteria give off a rich scent much like you might smell deep in the forest. The Bio 600 Composter comes with a rugged base grid and locking lid to keep pests out.

Fresh lawn, garden and kitchen scraps are added through the hinged lid, which opens wide at a comfortable height. The optimum way to achieve rich compost is to add to the top layer, allow the organic material to decompose and shrink down, then remove finished compost from the bottom. It is important to avoid adding fresh green plant matter to weeks-old composting material. Compost can be removed from either the front or back doors which easily slide up and away, and snap back into place.

The Bio 600 has 192 small holes to allow in as much air as possible, which helps keep that fresh, rich, organic smell. On the interior, each of the four sides has dozens of integrated brackets that assist in keeping the compost pile away from the holes just enough to allow air to move upward all around the composter. To increase the oxygen level even more, this kit comes with that rugged turning tool that makes it easy to upend the first twelve inches of compost, which aerates the entire upper pile. As the original pile moves lower and lower when new clippings or kitchen scraps are added week by week, there is less need to turn the deeper portion as it nears completion on its own.

Made of 40% recycled polypropylene and industrial grade polypropylene copolymers, the BIO 600 is built to last and withstand cold winters as well as occasional hits from a wheel barrow. The 4mm thick walls help hold the heat that is naturally created as compost breaks down. The neutral grey color blends well into any back yard setting and also absorbs the sun’s rays. It is this heat that speeds up the composting process as oxygen is what feeds the microbes which create the heat.

Assembly Time: Assembly will take under 15 mins and requires no tools as all panels interlock together. Make sure to place on level ground for best results.

  • 160 Gallon capacity / 21.7 cubic feet
  • 1 Pest guard grill
  • 1 Turning tool
  • Hinged lid and locking clip
  • Front and back access doors for removal
  • 4 mm wall thickness retains heat and holds up in cold temperatures
  • Made of UV stabilized industrial grade polypropylene copolymer and 40% recycled material
  • Made in Austria

  • Weighs 29 lbs
  • Assembled Dimensions 30.3” L x 30.3" W x 39.4" H

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