Aerobin 400 Composter

The Aerobin Composter is an investment grade product where sophisticated technology meets the everyday compost pile head on. Discover how the Aerobin system works, why it can make compost even in colder months of winter, and how it is built to last.

Making compost requires three constants; heat, circulating air, and moisture. The Aerobin Composter was designed to excel in all three of these categories, even in colder months.

Heat for Hot Composting:
The center of a fresh compost pile starts out hot as the microbes begin to do their work of breaking things down, but keeping them hot requires mixing or turning, except in the case of the Aerobin. Hot-Composting means that inside temperatures are enough to kill weed seeds and their roots, and break down plant matter more quickly. The Aerobin’s sides and lid are double walled and filled with insulation foam to not only retain the heat generated, but to spread heat around the entire pile as well, not just the center.

Airflow to Eliminate Odors:
Fresh air into the pile helps increase the number of microbes doing the work. Too little air stops them. The Aerobin’s patented Internal Lung keeps a constant flow of air back into the pile. This air flow also kills the other type of microbes that cause unpleasant odors. Only the good microbes like air, and the result is a sweet, earthy aroma like in the woods.

Moisture Just Right:
A compost pile must have the right amount of moisture. Too dry or too wet and the process stops. The Aerobin moderates moisture build up by allowing any excess to drain into a storage compartment at the bottom of the bin. The remaining moisture stays with the organic matter allowing maximum efficiency. Additionally, the moisture collected below is very rich in nutrients and is often called ‘compost tea’. It is stored for you and can be drained off with the valve provided and used to fertilize household plants and garden vegetables.

Benefits of Composting:
The benefits are two fold. Compost greatly improves your soil structure to retain more moisture, which means less watering, and the organic gains make your vegetables taste like they should. Environmentally, a household can easily reduce up to 50% of its plant matter yard & kitchen waste which is now clogging our land fill sites and giving off greenhouse gases.

  • Heavy-duty double walled top, sides & bottom with between-wall foam insulation
  • Insulation creates continuous thermal reactions with composter even in most winter months
  • Patented ‘LUNG’ system creates constant flowing air needed for quicker decomposition of plants
  • No turning of compost required
  • As humidity rises inside the unit, moisture ‘rains down’ evenly to keep entire compost pile moist
  • Excess moisture drains through compost into reservoir take at bottom for removal & use
  • Collect your own liquid fertilizer or ‘compost tea’ for organic fertilizing vegetables & flowers
  • 2 doors to remove compost easily
  • Makes compost as fast as possible
  • Walls & lid – 1.5" thick
  • Heavy-duty construction & locking system keeps sides permanently in place
  • Assembles in 10-20 minutes, NO tools required
  • Capacity: 14 cubic feet / 111 gallons
  • Dimensions: 29” x 29” x 47” H
  • Warranty: 1 year against manufacturer’s defects
  • Made in India

Model: 400

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