AdTech Bulk Box Multi-Temp Mini Hot Glue Sticks,4 inch

AdTech Multi-Temp Mini-Size Glue Sticks for Crafting, DIY, and Home Repair. America’s most popular hot melt glue stick! AdTech’s Multi-Temp formula is trusted by crafters and DIYers more than any other glue stick. Use this multi-temp formula in your high or low-temp glue gun and expect superior results!) SPECS: 5 LB Box (Approximately 495 glue sticks) Clear glue—so clear you can see right through! 4” sticks—great for quick projects Designed with AdTech’s Precision PRO and Project Pro glue guns in mind Works on wood, metal, glass, synthetic materials—just about any medium you’ll use for everyday DIY projects! Viscosity at 35°F/176°C: 11,000 Shear tensile pine, psi: 377 Diameter: .28-inch mini Working time range: 35-45 seconds