Irwin Vise-Grip Locking Plier and C-Clamp Set, 1078Tray

<p>Locking pliers literally grip material like a vice, so to release the jaws, there is a separate lever that instantly disengages them. Take a look at the features for Irwin Vise-Grip Locking Plier and C-Clamp Set. Length: 5&quot;, 6&quot;, (3)7&quot;, 9&quot;, (2)10&quot;, Features: Vise-Grip, Lifetime Guaranteed.</p> <p><br /><b>Features</b></p> <ul> <li>Handle Type: Plain Grip</li> <li>Length: 5&quot;, 6&quot;, (3)7&quot;, 9&quot;, (2)10&quot;</li> <li>Tether Capable: Standard Tool (Accessory Needed for Tethering)</li> <li>Overall Length: 5&quot;, 6&quot;, (3)7&quot;, 9&quot;, (2)10&quot;</li> <li>Jaw Style: Curved, Straight, Long Nose</li> <li>Wire Cutter: Yes</li> <li>Jaw Thickness: 5/8&quot;, 7/16&quot;, 1/2&quot;, 5/16&quot;, 1/2&quot;, 1/4&quot;, 5/16&quot;, 3/16&quot;</li> <li>Number of Pieces: 10</li> <li>Features: Ideal for Tightening, Clamping, Twisting and Turning, Turn Screw to Adjust Pressure and Fit Work, Hardened Teeth are Designed to Grip From Any Angle</li> <li>Jaw Capacity: 1-1/8&quot;, 1-1/4&quot;, (2)1-5/8&quot;, 1-3/4&quot;, 1-7/8&quot;, 2-1/4&quot;, 2-7/8&quot;</li> <li>Includes: No. 10R, 10CR, 7R, 7WR, 7CR, 5WR, 6LN, 9LN, 6R, 11R</li> <li>Plier Item: Locking Pliers Sets</li> <li>Item: Locking Plier and C-Clamp Set</li> </ul> <p></p>